Case Studies

Design & construction cost saving via process re-engineering

On a project this allowed cost effective production of work shop drawings by eliminating the requirement for CAD IFT and GFC drawings.

It offered quick option analysis in BIM hence reducing 10% project MEP construction cost and reduced 30% delivery time during construction phase.

  • Consultant IFTSD-single line
  • 3D Coordinated BIM Model3D Coordinated BIM Model
  • Work Shop Drawing from BIMGFC - Workshop Drawing
BIM Model & Pre Fabrication

Construction saving via pre-fabrication

BIM Model & Pre Fabrication

  • Hotel project
  • 50 guest room riser shafts - 5000 m length riser shaft
  • Shafts modeled and optimised
  • BIM construction sequence
  • Shafts constructed & connected

Savings/ Benefits

  • No material wastage as all pre-cut/ ordered for prefabrication in controlled environment.
  • Included approximately 2000m pipework saving at average 4% wastage.
  • Less supervision/ site labour- all work completed in fabrication yard.
  • Time- not restricted by site works + only 2 minutes for connection.
  • Quality

Energy Optimization through BIM

  • Massing Models combined with Building Energy predictions
  • Passive and Active Measures to reduce energy consumption
  • Daylight analysis
  • Analysis of the façade
  • The impact on the building envelope design
  • Quick analysis to provide robust solutions that stand the test of time.
  • Validating the energy results and coordination optimum façade design, fenestration and solar shading
  • Proposing MEP systems with reduced energy consumption, which have significant OPEX value, with a minimum impact on CAPEX value.